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22"H Pair Antique Vintage Old "Rostland W L" Brass Cast Iron Federal Style Fireplace Andirons Firedogs Log Holders

22"H Pair Antique Vintage Old "Rostland W L" Brass Cast Iron Federal Style Fireplace Andirons Firedogs Log Holders

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Lovely, vintage andirons salvaged from Northeastern PA. They have cast iron shanks, and the guards are solid brass (not brass plated steel). Unlike many lesser quality andirons available; the guards on these andirons are not plates or halves--the design you see on the front is the design you see on the back.

Each guard has a traditional, Federal style design with paw feet, curved legs, a cylindrical body, and a cup finial. The shanks, which hold the logs, curve to the sides of the guards at which point they continue straight, away from the guards. The curved portions of the shanks are covered with curved brass plates and topped with their own brass cup finials--great accents!

The text "Rostland W.L." appears on the top of the shanks (see last photo). I'm assuming that is the name of the manufacturer.

The brass has a beautiful, dark, original patina. If you're not a fan of tarnish and prefer a bright, shiny finish, keep in mind that the brass could be cleaned and polished with, "Brasso."

The iron shanks are rusty, but not corroded. If you want them to look dark and uniform, all you'll need to do is scrub them with coarse steel wool and any kind of oil/grease (even WD40). There are spots of white or black paint. I removed most of the larger spots with my fingernail--so I don't scratch the patina--and the rest will come off easily, if desired.

All parts of the set are perfectly straight and in excellent structural condition with no breaks, cracks, gouges, or dents. The andirons are ready for another lifetime of service.


Guards: 19 1/2" H x 10" W (legs)

Shanks: 18
3/4" L


* Please note that we will ship them disassembled in order to minimize the size of the package. This will better protect them during shipping and keep the shipping cost down for us.

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