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40H" Antique Vintage Old "Hamilton" Solid Wood Wooden Commode Adult Potty Toilet Accent Side Parlor Armchair Chair Fabric Seat

40H" Antique Vintage Old "Hamilton" Solid Wood Wooden Commode Adult Potty Toilet Accent Side Parlor Armchair Chair Fabric Seat

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Rare, solid wood commode made by, "Hamilton," of Poughkeepsie, NY. It was made about 100 years ago. Originally, it was painted black or finished with a black lacquer, and there are hand-painted, yellow lines on the seat, the spindles of the backrest, and the legs. 

This is definitely a big person chair! The backrest, seat, and spacing between the arms are extra wide.

If you are not familiar with commodes, they are basically adult potties. Most are smaller and simpler in design than this one. However, they all have a hole in the seat which allows you do your business and have it all fall into a pot hidden in the cabinet, under the seat. In order to "flush the toilet," you need to twist the latch which drops the back door of the cabinet and then take out the pot by hand. Although the original pot is not included, considering what it was used for, you're better off getting your own pot if you actually plan on using it as a potty.

This is a really cool, unique item that would make fine decor or could even be used as a chair for sitting. However, if you want to use it as a chair, you'll need to get a custom made cap or seat to cover the hole.

Structurally, the piece is in good condition. Cosmetically, it's pretty worn. Most of the original paint is faded, but if you are an antique enthusiast this blemish is actually a charming character mark.

Our carpenter inspected the chair from top to bottom, and didn't need to make any repairs, but he reinforce a couple of spots to make the chair sturdier. He asked me if I wanted him to replace the "cheap repair" that someone made to the top of one of the spindles (see last photo). I told him no because it's a quirk that someone might appreciate, however, he'll repair it properly if you prefer--just let us know after you checkout.

Expect nicks and scratches, but no breaks, cracks, gouges, rot, or warp.


Seat: 19"W x 16"D
(hole is 10 1/2" diameter)

Cabinet (inside): 12 3/4"W x 11 1/2"D x 6 3/4"H

Arm to Arm: 22"

(Floor to Seat) 16
(Floor to Arms) 26
(Floor to Top of backrest) 3
9  3/4"
(Backrest only) 23


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