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Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Carved Walnut Wood Wooden Side End Accent Foyer Sofa Table

Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Carved Walnut Wood Wooden Side End Accent Foyer Sofa Table

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Gorgeous, oval end table salvaged from Northeastern PA. It's made of walnut and has a dark-colored stain. It has an oval top, 4 curved legs, 4 stretchers connecting the legs at the base, and carvings all around. The table was made sometime during the first half of the previous century.

Originally, the table had either wooden or porcelain casters (wheels). We don't have any porcelain, but if you want wooden casters, we could find some that fit from our collection and include them for free--message us if you're interested.

Considering it's age, the table is in great condition. There are light scratches and small nicks, which you would expect to find on a table this old, but no breaks, gouges, rot, warp, or any serious flaws.

All beautiful, hardwood furniture is veneered. There is only so much premium wood per tree that could be used so it needs to be reserved for only the portions which are visible. To prove this, next time you see a fine piece of furniture, compare the wood on the exterior to the wood on the interior and you'll see they don't match up. Another reason for veneering: hardwoods are dense and expand and contract naturally due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Rather than making everything "solid" and having the entire member of a table crack or break during these fluxes, a thin layer of wood will be adhered to a much thicker piece. I said all this to say that this piece has some shallow cracks in the veneer which lines the sides of the table (see last photo). Since the finish is so dark and the cracks are thin, they are not easy to spot. However, we study everything we sell and want to disclose as possible so there are no bad surprises when the table shows up at your door.

The only other "flaw" to point out is that there is a round portion of the top which is darker in color than the rest of the top. This is because the table was exposed to some degree of sunlight and there was a vase covering and shielding that round portion from the sun. It's also not easily noticed, but it's seen the clearest in the 3rd photo.

Our carpenter inspected the piece all around and found no repairs to make nor anything to reinforce. The table is strong, sturdy, and ready for another lifetime of service.



36 3/4"W x 25 1/2"D x 29"H


Northeastern VA, MD, DC, DE, PA, NJ, NY, & New England: We deliver to these states every 2 - 3 weeks . Home delivery would be $75 - $125 depending on your location. Email us with the shipping zip code for an exact price.

If you need the item sooner or are located outside of their delivery range; we could crate and ship with a commercial freighter--email us for a quote.


*Pick up in Scranton, PA is also welcome. No "pick up" charges applied

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