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2 available Vintage Antique Old Salvaged Reclaimed Craftsman Style Copper Brass Steel Exterior Entry Door Set Knob Plate Lock Lockset Key

2 available Vintage Antique Old Salvaged Reclaimed Craftsman Style Copper Brass Steel Exterior Entry Door Set Knob Plate Lock Lockset Key

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* There are 2 sets available but the list price is for 1 complete set. The first 7 photos show Set#1 and the last photo shows Set#2. Both sets were salvaged from the same home and are identical in size, design, and condition, but vary slightly in finish. If you prefer one over the other, please message us after you checkout to let us know which one you'd like.

Handsome, vintage, exterior door lockset salvaged from Northeastern Pennsylvania. Each set is complete and includes all parts you'll need to install and use: 2 steel knobs, 2 stamped steel escutcheons, 1 steel mortise lock with 1 working key, 1 steel strike plate for the door jamb, 1 spindle with 2 setscrews to connect the knobs, and 12 screws to fasten the locks and plates to the door.

Originally, the knobs and plates were copper and brass plated. Except for the larger, exterior plate, all parts don't have any copper plating left. The knobs and all other plates have most of their brass plating.

The doors that the sets came off of were stained so none of the parts are painted. We just rubbed them with an oily rag to give them a little shine for the photos.

All parts have the tiny nicks and light scratches that you would expect to find on old door hardware. However, there are no breaks, cracks, chips, dents, or deep scratches. The set is in excellent condition and ready for another lifetime of service.

About the lock: The lock is reversible and could accommodate the swing of any door.

The buttons on the lock faceplate control a function, which  disables/enables the exterior knob. Once the bottom button is  depressed, the exterior knob cannot be turned and the triangular-shaped  "passage latch" on the lock will remain extended, in the locked position. In essence, the "passage latch" acts as a secondary deadbolt and provides an extra level of security from anyone on the outside of the door. Once the  exterior knob is disabled, and the door is shut, the only way to retract the upper latch is by using the key or by turning the interior knob. This is a  very convenient feature for the person inside of the house/room. No more locking and unlocking to let someone in. Simply turn the knob, open the door, let someone in, close the door and it's already locked. To disable the  auto-lock feature, simply push the top button.

The lock was opened, inspected, and we sprayed grease on and around all parts to facilitate their movement. We also made a key for the lock and we could make more for $15/key--email us after the auction if you are interested.


Knobs: 2 1/4" diameter x 2" D

(exterior) 2 3/4" W x 10" H

(interior) 2 1/4" W x 7" H

Strike Plate: 1" W x 4 1/2" H

(Plate) 1" W  x  7
1/4" H
(Body) 3 1/2" W x 5 1/4" H  x
Backset (distance from faceplate to center of keyhole) 2 1/2"


· U.S.: FREE!

· Canada:
   - $29.99 for 1 set
   - $39.99 for 2 sets

· Asia, Australia, & Europe:
   - $39.99 for 1 set
   - $49.99 for 2 sets

Other international buyers please email us for a quote.

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