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Lot of 10 Vintage Antique Old 24" Round Circular Hanging Ceiling Church Light Chandelier Lamp Fixtures Salvaged Reclaimed Lighting

Lot of 10 Vintage Antique Old 24" Round Circular Hanging Ceiling Church Light Chandelier Lamp Fixtures Salvaged Reclaimed Lighting

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* We are hoping to sell all 10 lights to a single buyer. However, if you want less than 10 lights, please message us and let us know how many you want and where you need them shipped to.

What a rare find! We salvaged these lights from the," St. James Roman Catholic Church," in Red Bank, NJ. Although the church was built in the 1800's, these lights are only about 60 - 70 years old. They were replaced a few years back with some newer lights. If you look at the last 2 photos in this listing, you could see the replacements. I think that the newer lights look more fitting in a church than the 10 that we are selling. Ours have a more universal style.

Each light is made of mostly metal. Even the curly face covers and decorative plates on the sides are made of metal. The shiny, orange-brown metal on top is bronze plated steel.

Each light comes with a heavy chain that spans over 6 feet.

All lights work, but they have the old-fashioned, fabric covered wires which will need to be replaced unless your project doesn't have to be up to modern code.

The lights were replaced for aesthetics, not because anything is wrong with them. We are also selling the doors from the church and they were replaced for the same reason: style change. Everything we acquired from the church is superior in quality to that which replaced them.

All of the lights are intact and in great shape. No breaks, cracks, gouges, or any other serious flaws.

When you see the photos showing all 10 lights together, keep in mind that we took those photos outside of our warehouse, the night that we acquired them. The lights were incredibly dirty when we acquired them. The dust on the lights was probably about as old as the lights themselves. I don't think they were ever touched except to replace the bulbs.

Since we acquired them, they have been cleaned and inspected. The single light that you see in the first 9 photos are one of the group, picked at random (not because it was the best condition). The other 9 lights look just like it but some have  differing levels of tarnish and the green painted portions of the lights are more faded on some than others. We didn't want to take all 10 lights back out for another group photo, so we just used the originals.

Opportunities like this don't come by very often which is why we want to sell the lights as a group. These ten matching lights are in great shape and ready for another lifetime of service.


24" diameter x 18" tall
*green side portions are 4.25" tall

Chain: approx. 74"

Weight: approx 25 lbs


MD, DC, DE, PA, NJ, NY, & New England: We  deliver to these states every 2 - 3 weeks. Depending on your location, home delivery would be $250 - $400. Email us with the shipping zip code for an exact price.

If you need the item sooner or are located outside of our delivery range; we could ship with a blanket-wrap shipper--email us for a quote.

Pick up in Scranton, PA is also welcome. No "pick up" charges applied

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