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Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Fleur De Lis Victorian Bronze Steel Interior Door Lockset Knob Plate Lock

Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Fleur De Lis Victorian Bronze Steel Interior Door Lockset Knob Plate Lock

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* Please note that the color of the parts depends upon the lighting and the contrast of the background. We took all photos outside, around sunset and we used a light and a dark background to give you an idea of how the color varies.

* The set comes without a key, but we could make one--message us.

Lovely, antique, interior door lockset salvaged from Northeastern PA. This set is complete and comes with all parts needed to install and use: 2 steel knobs, 2 stamped steel escutcheons, 1 steel mortise lock, 1 strike plate for the door jamb, and 1 steel spindle/rod with 2 setscrews to connect the knobs, and 12 installation screws to fasten the parts to the door. All parts are made of steel.

The lock is reversible and could accommodate the swing of any door.

Normally, we clean painted hardware to restore the metal to it's original splendor. However, this is art! Whoever painted this set didn't just carelessly brush on a bunch of black paint. The black painted surface is smooth and clean. The oval and circular details, the knob collars, and even the heads of the screws were painted a gold color.

If you don't like the color scheme, please keep in mind that the paint could be removed and the steel underneath could be revealed.

This set was cared for and is in great condition. It only has tiny nicks and light scratches that you would expect to find on old, used hardware. However, there are no breaks, cracks, dents, or gouges.

The lock was opened, inspected, and we sprayed a machine lubricant on and around all parts to facilitate their movement. We found a key to work with this lock and could find and/or modify more to work for $15/key--email us after the auction if you are  interested.


 1/4" diameter x 2" D

3/8"  W x 8" H

Strike Plate: 7/8" x 4"


(Plate) 7/8" W x 5 1/4"  H
(Body) 3 1/4"  W x 3 1/2"  H x 1/2"D
(Backset-lateral distance from the lock's faceplate to the center of the  keyhole): 2 3/8"



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