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Pair 48"x25" Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Wood Wooden Sash Double Window Textured Glass Lites

Pair 48"x25" Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Wood Wooden Sash Double Window Textured Glass Lites

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Beautiful, antique windows salvaged from  Northeastern Pennsylvania. Each window is made of solid pine and is painted  white on both sides.

One window has 5 textured glass lites and the other has 4.  Although the center lite is missing from one of the windows, it could be filled  either using an updated version of the glass, or with similar, old glass. The  advantage of the new glass is that it's inexpensive and easy to obtain, but the  down side is that it's not an exact match to the old glass (see photos). The  problem with old glass is that it's more expensive and harder to find.  Fortunately, we have one, large enough to be cut to size (go to our eBay store  and search for: 27"x30"

Although the windows are being sold as a pair, they were not built as a pair. It  looks like both windows were originally a single, large, 48"x50" window and  someone cut it down the middle to make these 2, separate windows. They could be  brought back to form one window again--email us for a quote.

We could either completely strip the paint, or prep the surface of the  windows for a fresh coat of paint. Email  us with a description of what you would like done, the quantity of windows you  need, and we'll give you a quote.

No hardware included, however, we have a good selection of  period hardware to outfit the windows (check out our eBay store).

The lites are secured with wooden molding, which makes replacing glass easy  (no having to deal with old-fashioned glazier's putty). All of the molding is in  place and intact

Condition: Both of the frames (sashes) are in good shape with no  breaks, cracks, or serious flaws. There are scrapes, scratches, and nail holes,  which are typical blemishes that you should expect to find on old, used,  architectural elements. They will be removed during  the finishing process or covered if painted.

All of glass is intact, and in good shape with only subtle scratches.

Size Increase? Are the  windows too short, too narrow, or both? We could increase the size by a few  inches. Email us with a  description of what you would like done, and  we'll give you a quote.


Sash: 48"  x 25" x 1  3/8" thick

(center) 20
 7/8"  x 20 5/8"
(4x side) 10
 1/4"  x 9"

* The window w/5 lites weighs 20lbs and the one w/4 weighs  13lbs


Did  the shipping calculator give you a high   shipping cost? Besides shipping with a parcel carrier like UPS, FedEx, DHL,   or the USPS, we could also personally deliver to many places in the Northeastern  part of the U.S.  Email us with your city or zip code, and we'll give  you a  quote.

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