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Pair of Antique Vintage Old YALE Solid Brass Octagonal Octagon Doorknob Door Knobs Plates Rosettes Set

Pair of Antique Vintage Old YALE Solid Brass Octagonal Octagon Doorknob Door Knobs Plates Rosettes Set

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Gorgeous, interior door knobs and plates made by, "Yale & Towne," of Stamford, CT. The set comes with 2 brass knobs, 2 brass rosettes, 1 spindle with 2 setscrews to connect the knobs, and 6 installation screws to fasten the plates to the door. The knobs and plates are made of solid, heavy, thick, cast brass, not flimsy stamped/pressed or wrought brass nor brass-plated steel.

You could tell how high-end this set is, not only by its weight, but also by its design. Notice how the rosettes don't have any holes for screws. Instead, the screws insert into the rosette's base plate, and the rosette itself sits on the plate. It gives the impression that the rosette is somehow floating or secured to the door by unconventional means--cool feature!

The hardware was salvaged from a 1920's mansion in Eastern Long Island, NY in December 2014, just 2 weeks prior to its demolition (See 2nd to last Photo). The 6,000 sq ft home built on 20+ acres of private land, was beautifully constructed with only the best parts available at the time. The home was only used as a summer home by a family from the UK. It was ultimately torn down because it was too big! Everything in the house was in excellent condition and this set is certainly no exception. It has the typical subtle nicks and light scratches that you would expect to find on old hardware, but there are no breaks, cracks, dents, or gouges.

Originally, we had 35 pairs (see last photo). We thought all of them sold until we did some reorganizing recently and found this set. It must have fallen out of the box or accidentally put in another box.

I have been dealing with antique hardware since 2003 and although I've seen thousands of knobs and plates over the years, I've never seen these. I've seen plenty of octagon-shaped knobs, but even the ones that are solid brass are lightweight and don't look as nice as these. I believe that Yale custom designed this hardware for this home. All of the hardware in the house was made by Yale and all of it is top of the line. Who knows how much money the couple paid for all of the hardware, but considering that they spared no expense, I wouldn't be surprised if they hired Yale to make one-of-a-kind knobs and plates for the house.

To all collectors out there, please let me know if you've seen these before. If you haven't, get a set for your collection because if I'm right, this is the only chance you'll get to own one of these.

All parts are in original, "as found," condition. They have such beautiful patinas which we didn't want to disturb by cleaning. However, if you prefer your hardware bright, shiny, and with a uniform finish, we could clean and polish for $15/set--email us after the auction if you're interested.


Knob: 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" deep

Rosette: 1 1/2"


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