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RARE Antique Vintage Old Victorian Octagonal Multi Faceted Glass Doorknob Door Knob Brass Base

RARE Antique Vintage Old Victorian Octagonal Multi Faceted Glass Doorknob Door Knob Brass Base

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What a rare find! Gorgeous, antique knob salvaged from Northeastern PA. We purchased a box of hardware from a local guy and found this gem inside.

Knobs like this were only produced during the late 1800's. The top or center is sunken (concave) and has an octagonal form. The sides are multifaceted and the brass base is circular and extra wide. Most knobs are designed to sit on a plate, but knobs like this just sit directly on a door.

The glass has a slight amethyst (purple) hue, which was caused by the sun's UV rays reacting with the manganese inside of the glass.

Someone must have had a hard time removing the square, steel rod/spindle from the bottom of the knob so they just cut it off. We left it on in case you are a collector and want to use the spindle to mount it onto a wooden base for display. If you want it removed, please let us know and we'll remove it prior to shipping.

Considering it's age and that it's made of glass, it's in really good condition. There are some small nicks along the 8-sides of the top/center and a small chip which could be seen encircled in the 2nd photo. There are also light scratches which could only be seen at certain angles and with the right lighting. All of the aforementioned blemishes are hard to spot and are only noticeable if you study the knob.

The silvering which lines the base of the knob is mostly intact, with only a couple of small spots of wear.

The glass is tightly fastened to it's brass shank/base; no looseness or jiggling. The bottom edges of the base does have some dents and scratches, most likely from whoever struggled to remove it from the door. The dents could be pushed back pretty easily, but I think it looks OK as is.

Knobs like this rarely surface, so if you are a collector and don't have one in your collection, get it while it's still available!


: 2
1/4" diameter x 2 1/4" long

Glass knob protrudes 1 1/2" from base.

Base is 1 5/8" in diameter


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