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Small Antique Vintage Old Solid Wood Wooden Dresser Highboy High Boy Chest 4 Drawers Quartersawn Oak Faux Grain

Small Antique Vintage Old Solid Wood Wooden Dresser Highboy High Boy Chest 4 Drawers Quartersawn Oak Faux Grain

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Cool, petite, antique vintage dresser salvaged from a recently demolished 1880's home in Forkston, PA (est. 1795, pop. 305). Although the home was that old, this piece was made during the first half of the previous century.

Although it looks like quatersawn "Tiger" oak, it's actually made of solid pine or Douglas Fir (no veneers). This dresser has the best paint-job I have ever seen! I know you probably can't believe that it's painted because it looks just like stained quartersawn oak, but it's actually painted, faux-grain. Whoever did this is extremely talented!

Another cool feature which shows the era it came from: panels! The sides and even the back have recessed (flat) panels. Since it's simpler and less expensive to just have a single flat piece for each side and a thin sheet of plywood as the backing, rarely do you see panels on newer dressers.

The only downside to it's look is that it has one replacement knob (2nd shelf from the top). Although the former owner found a wooden knob with a similar finish, it's still smaller than all of the 7 original knobs. I would relocate this knob to the bottom drawer so that it's even less noticeable than it is now.

The dresser itself is in great  cosmetic condition. There are spots where the paint is scratched or scuffed, revealing the white primer paint underneath. This will be the easiest way to prove to your friends that the wood grain is painted on and the dresser is not quartersawn oak.

Our carpenter thoroughly inspected the piece and didn't need to make any repairs or reinforce anything. He pointed out that one of the front corners broke but was repaired (see close up photo). The repair is tight. There are no breaks, rot, warp, or any other serious flaws. The chest is strong and sturdy and is ready for another lifetime of service!


30"W x
18 1/2"D

1/2"W x 17"D

Height: 43 1/2"

23" W x 14
1/2" D x 4" H
(Bottom 3x)
23" W x 14
1/2" D x 7" H



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