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Vintage Antique Old Reclaimed Salvaged Solid Maple Wood Wooden Side End Accent Table Nightstand

Vintage Antique Old Reclaimed Salvaged Solid Maple Wood Wooden Side End Accent Table Nightstand

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Handsome, vintage, end or side table salvaged from Northeastern Pennsylvania. It is made of solid maple (no particle board or MDF), and has 2 tiers, 4 turned legs, 10 turned spindles between the 2 tiers, and a thin compartment for newspapers and magazines.

I'm estimating that the piece is about 60 years old.

Our carpenter inspected the piece from top to bottom and said that the only part that could be repaired is one of the sides of the literature compartment. There are 2 round caps missing from where the screws insert and there is a very thin split below the trefoil cut-out (see last photo). He said since only the bottom half has a split, he would have to disassemble most of the table to remove that piece and would then have to split the top half as well. Once both sides are separated from each other, he could glue them tightly back together. There would be little to no evidence that there was ever a split. However, there is no looseness or jiggling now so unless you don't like how it looks, which is hard to notice anyway, the split doesn't need to be fixed. He found no repairs to make nor anything to reinforce. The table has the common nicks, scratches, and spots of worn finish that you would expect to find on an old, used, piece of furniture. There are no breaks, cracks, rot, or warp. All of the joints are tight, and overall, the table is strong, sturdy, and ready for another lifetime of service! 


Top Shelf: 22 3/8" x 15 3/8"

Height (from floor to...):
(bottom shelf) 12
(top shelf) 23
(molding on top shelf) 24 

* Please note that we plan to ship the table disassembled, with the legs off. Not only will this lower our cost to ship, it will also ensure the safety of the legs during transit. Every time that we've filed a claim for a damaged table, it was due to the legs being snapped or pushed in. The legs are super easy to put back: just screw them back on by hand--no tools!

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