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30"x84" Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Interior Solid Wood Wooden Door 5 Panel

30"x84" Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Interior Solid Wood Wooden Door 5 Panel

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Sturdy, antique door salvaged from an old home in Northeastern Ohio. The door is made of solid heartpine, and it has 5 raised panels on both sides.

* Please note that heartpine is the non-living, core of a pine tree, and not the soft, outer, living sap-wood. Since it takes 30 years for a pine tree just to develop just 1” of heart stock it is rarer, harder, more durable, more insect & rot resistant, less susceptible to warping and twisting, and is much more valuable than the cheap, pine lumber that is commonly found at most hardware stores.

Hardware: The door is not equipped with any hardware. However, we have a good selection of period hardware to outfit any of this door (check out our eBay store).

* If you would like any of the hardware holes patched with a solid block of wood, please email us for a quote.

On the exterior side of the door, there is a break in  the edge of the lock stile; there is a crack in the middle panel and the  panel below it; and the bottom of the hinge stile is chipped.

On  the interior side of the door, there is a break in the edge of the lock  stile; and the top rail is chipped.
Otherwise, the door is in very good shape with only surface scrapes, scratches, small nail holes--minor cosmetic blemishes, which would be removed during  the finishing process or covered if painted.

Modification: We could also modify the door to fit your opening or suite your needs. We could make a frame, trim or add to the height or width, make molding, reverse the swing, plug the hardware holes, etc. Email us with a small description of what you would like done, and we'll give you a quote.




29 7/8" W x 83 7/8" H x 1 3/8" D


MD, DC, DE, PA, NJ, NY, & New England: We deliver to these states every 2 - 3 weeks . Home delivery would be $100 - $150 depending on your location. Email us with the shipping zip code for an exact price.

* If you need the item sooner or are located outside of our delivery range; we could crate and ship with a commercial freighter--email us for a quote.

* Pick up in Scranton, PA is also welcome. No "pick up" charges applied

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