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41"x82"x2.25" Antique Old SOLID Oak Wood Wooden Church 5 Panel Batten Plank Exterior Entry Interior Door Table Desk Top

41"x82"x2.25" Antique Old SOLID Oak Wood Wooden Church 5 Panel Batten Plank Exterior Entry Interior Door Table Desk Top

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* Shipping prices to the Northeastern states may be significantly lower than the flat rate price we have to ship to all parts of the country. Read the "Shipping" section below for more information.

* We have the original kick plate that was installed at the bottom of the door, in the spot where you could see the outline. Message us if you are interested.

Robust, antique door salvaged from, "St. James Roman Catholic Church" in Red Bank, NJ. The door has a triple, laminate construction which is basically 3/4" thick oak boards fastened together and has a flush (flat) design on the interior side, and 5 bold, raised panels with beautiful, raised molding on the exterior side. The door is completely stained.

Oak is a dense wood and this door weighs about 250 lbs. If it only had a single layer of oak boards, the door would've warped a long time ago. Using the triple laminate method, the boards will always fight against each others tendency to warp, keeping the door straight for eternity. There are doors in Europe which have survived for hundreds of years due to their fine quality material and construction; this is one of those doors that would last that long if maintained properly.

Hardware: The door is not equipped with any hardware. However, If you'd like to add hardware to the door, we have a good selection of period hardware in our online store and tons more in our physical store.

* If you would like any of the hardware holes plugged with a  solid wood,  please email us for a quote.

Condition: The door is strong, sturdy, and in great structural condition. It only has nicks and scratches, but no serious breaks, cracks, gouges, rot, warp, or any other serious issues. Most of the blemishes that it has will disappear after sanding, prior to refinishing or repainting, and  whatever remains will be subtle, "character marks".

Modification: We could also modify the door to fit your opening or suite your needs. We could trim or add to the height or width, plug the hardware holes, etc. Email us with a small description of what you would like done, and we'll give you a quote.


41 1/4" x 81 7/8" x 2 1/4"

Too tall, short, wide or narrow? We could increase or decrease the height and/or width--Email us for a quote.


MD, DC, DE, PA, NJ, NY, & New England: We deliver to these states every 2 - 3 weeks . Home delivery would be $150 - $250 depending on your location. Email us with the shipping zip code for an exact price.

* If you need the item sooner or are located outside of our delivery range; we could crate and ship with a commercial freighter--email us for a quote.

* Pick up in Scranton, PA is also welcome. No "pick up" charges applied

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