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5 available 46"x83" Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Steel Metal Fence Gate Door Panel Grille Industrial Factory

5 available 46"x83" Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Steel Metal Fence Gate Door Panel Grille Industrial Factory

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* Although there is a quantity of 5 panels available for purchase, the list  price is for 1 panel only.

* If you  plan on purchasing less than 5, please look at the photos below and let us know after the auction which 
panel(s) you would like.

Cool, distressed, metal gate panels salvaged from Northeastern, PA. Each is made  of galvanized steel and weighs 50 lbs. It has a cross-hatched design from top to  bottom. It is not chain-link, as these are long, single strands of steel  interwoven to make the pattern and not individual links. There is a horizontal,  center rail to provide extra support, and 2 steel plates with metal loops to  connect a chain or padlock to.

The panels were originally painted a grayish-green color, and most  of the paint remains. There are still many spots where the paint chipped off,  revealing the gray steel or rusty steel below.

Below are a few details about each, specific panel:

Panel#1 There is a thin strip of steel attached to one side of the  panel. It is a little bit shorter than the panel, and was attached in such a way  where it extends past the top of the panel. The strip could be cut from the point  where it extends, or the strip could be removed entirely if you don't need it.

Panel#3 & 4 have 3 hinges and a strip (jamb) attached to the hinges.  The strips and hinges add 1 1/8" to the width of the panels. The strip of  Panel#4 is slightly bent.

Panel#5 & 6 are hinged together with 3 hinges. The outer sides are  slightly bent.

All are in great shape with no  breaks, cracks, or rot. All are strong, sturdy, and ready for another lifetime  of service.

Aside from being used as a gates or fencing, they would make for unique wall  paneling, table  tops, for making custom furniture, industrial art, movie or theater props, etc.


  46  1/4" W x 83"  H x 1  1/4" D

*  The combined width of all 6 panels laid side-by-side would measure 19.16 feet

Weight: 50  lbs each

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