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76"x20" Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Iron Brass Balcony Curved Stair Railing Panel Section

76"x20" Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged Iron Brass Balcony Curved Stair Railing Panel Section

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Beautiful, one-of-a-kind, section of stair railing  salvaged from a historic building in downtown Scranton. I'm not sure what  building, but I do know the section is at least 100 years old by now. It was  salvaged between 1980 & 2000 and sat in a warehouse until 2011 when we acquired  it.

The horizontal rails or bands of the railing are made of strong  wrought iron and the rest is made of cast iron. The iron portions have surface  rust but no rot or heavy corrosion. There are many decorative brass pieces  attached to the iron frame.

You could distinguish the brass from the iron by looking at the  color. Since brass tarnishes a greenish-blue color, and iron rusts brownish-red,  the contrast makes the brass pieces stand out. They would stand out even more if  you ever get the piece restored and everything cleaned and polished.

Both front and back sides are identical; the intricate decorative  details you see on one side are the same on the other.

There are a total of 7 decorative, long, oval loops. 6 are  completely intact and 1 at one end is disconnected on one side.

There are 7 ornate,  structural posts. All are intact.

The top and bottom rows of the railing have lovely, decorative  scrolling floral details. The top is missing about 6 or 7 of these pieces and  the bottom there are none missing.

One end has a piece of a larger decorative element which was a  part of the railing it was removed from. The ornate piece looks like a rooster's  head on one end.

Since it was a part of a curved stair case, it's shaped like a  twisted letter "L". There are a couple of parts where the rail is bent out of  shape, but that could be corrected.

The worst flaws are the missing and disconnected pieces mentioned  above. Otherwise, the railing is in great, sturdy  condition. No breaks, cracks, or rot. This piece is ready for  another lifetime of service.


~76"  total length x 20"  H x 1   1/4" (rail width or thickness

* See last photo for specific measurements

Weight:  ~200 lbs


Northeastern VA, MD, DC, DE, PA, NJ, NY, & New England:  We deliver to these states every 2 - 3 weeks . Home delivery would be $150 - $250 depending on your location. Email us with  the shipping zip code for an exact price. 

If you need the item sooner or are located outside of our delivery  range; we could crate and ship with a commercial freighter--email us for a  quote.

Pick up in Scranton, PA is also welcome. No "pick up"  charges applied

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