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77"x130" Antique Vintage Old Handmade Hand Woven Wool Cotton Reversible Kilim Flat Weave Area Rug

77"x130" Antique Vintage Old Handmade Hand Woven Wool Cotton Reversible Kilim Flat Weave Area Rug

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77”x 130”Antique (1800’s) Moldavian-Bessarabia  Reversible Kilim Rug Hand-Woven in a Monastery by Nuns

What a rare find! Gorgeous, extremely-tightly hand-woven wool on cotton, flat-weave, Kilim rug. It is made of the finest wool on cotton fringes and colored with natural, vegetable dyes of the area. The rug features stunning traditional patterns with a fantastic color combination. Notice the crosses added to the design—what great accents! Due to the way that it was made, it’s completely reversible!

This masterpiece of a rug was passed down from generation to generation without being used or displayed. My great, great grandfather on my Mom’ side was a priest of an Eastern Orthodox Church, in a small city in Romania. He ordered a few wool rugs from Văratec Monastery for the altar room of his church. This old monastery is located in Northeastern part of the country, in Moldova-Bessarabia. At the time, it was the largest monastery in Eastern Europe. In 1900, the monastery was affected by a great fire in which most of the cells and the roof of the main church burned.

Two of the rugs were used in our church and the third one (this rug) was rolled and stored in a cedar chest for later use. However, it was never used, and is in mint condition, with no stains, repairs, sun-fading, or fringe loss. It never got the chance to be displayed and shown to the world--now is the time!

Kilim rugs have become increasingly collectible in recent years, with quality pieces now commanding high premiums at auctions. As time passes, they become more valuable not only because they are one-of-a-kind, but thanks to their graceful aging process, they will continue to look as good as the day that you got them for years to come! Whether you are planning on using the rug in your home, framing it and displaying it on your wall, or adding it to your collection; a unique, antique, Kilim rug with such radiant beauty and of such fine quality construction is a great investment, which will only increase in value!


Dimensions (without fringes): 6 ft 4 in (77 in) Wide x 10 ft 8 in (130 in) Long;  196 cm x 330 cm

* The fringes extend approx. 6” from each end

Weight: approx 20 lbs (9 kg)

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