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RARE! Vintage Antique Old 3 Leg Maple Wood Wooden Side Accent Dressing Chair Fabric Round Upholstered Seat

RARE! Vintage Antique Old 3 Leg Maple Wood Wooden Side Accent Dressing Chair Fabric Round Upholstered Seat

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* The color of the chair will depend upon the lighting and background color. All photos were taken outside on a sunny day, in the shade around sunset. The 2nd photo was taken without the black background to show that the wood could appear lighter with more contrast.

Gorgeous, rare, vintage chair salvaged from Northeastern Pennsylvania. It's made of solid, rock maple and has a a round, fabric-upholstered seat. The backrest has beautiful, hand-painted leaves and flowers. The seat has a lovely, floral, needle-point design.

You just don't find chairs like this everyday! It's seat is very low to the ground and is supported by 3 legs rather than the standard 4-leg configuration. The back is long, thin, and has a T-shaped design (like a Ram's head) which no other chair has.

Although it doesn't have any tags or markings, this chair was made by the, "Standard Chair Co." of Gardener, MA. They were known for their fine-quality, rock maple furniture. We have had several of their chairs in the past.

The beauty and fine-quality craftsmanship of the chair are only matched by the chair's superb condition. Considering that it's about 60 - 80 years old, it is in excellent condition. It's as if the former owner tried to use it as little as possible.

Although I'm hyping up the chair's condition, don't expect "New Old Stock" or mint/perfection; the chair has some tiny nicks and light scratches here and there.

The fabric is fully intact and clean with no rips, tears, odors, or stains.

Our carpenter inspected the chair from top to bottom, and didn't need to make any repairs. He didn't need to glue or tighten anything else as the chair is strong and sturdy. This elegant chair is ready for another lifetime of service.


Seat: 14" diameter

(Floor to seat) 16"
(Floor to Top of backrest) 39 

(Height) 23
(Width-top) 17"
(Width-bottom) 3


In order to ensure that the backrest won't snap off during transit--unless we personally deliver the chair (if you live in the Northeast)--we will detach the back rest prior to packing. To reattach, all you'll need to do is insert 2 flathead screws into the bracket behind the seat.

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