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Vintage Antique Old SOLID Wood Wooden Spindle Back Side Dining Accent Chair Caned Sea Grass Seagrass Wicker Rattan Seat

Vintage Antique Old SOLID Wood Wooden Spindle Back Side Dining Accent Chair Caned Sea Grass Seagrass Wicker Rattan Seat

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Elegant, solid wood, dining chair salvaged from Northeastern PA. The fame is made of a solid hardwood (maple, birch, or walnut) and is painted black.  The seat is made of thick seagrass. The seagrss is actually 2 layers thick: one on top of the seat and one under.

This chair has something to admire from top to bottom! There is a lovely, gold-painted, fruit and leaf motif at the top of the backrest. The backrest and armrests are a part of the same structure and not just separate rails stemming from the side posts of the backrest like most armchairs. All of the spindles and stretchers (connecting rails) are rounded and have at least one turned detail. The corners of the seat are solid wood and the seagrass is only oven in between those corners, forming an intersecting "+" design.

The seagrass on the back edge of the seat has been painted black (see last photo). I'm not sure if someone touched up all of the paint and mistakenly painted this portion too or if they just wanted the back of the chair to be all black. This is a detail only noticed by someone who carefully inspects the chair.

Our carpenter inspected the chair from top to bottom, and didn't need to make any repairs or reinforce anything as the chair is strong and sturdy. He said that someone must have put something heavy in the center of the seat (like a bowling ball) because you could see small breaks, cracks, and fraying only in top center of the seat. These blemishes are just cosmetic as the seagrass is still super strong. Since the seagrass is so thick and double-layered, those little blemishes have almost no bearing on the seat's structural integrity. Plus, when you sit on the seat, your backside will lay on the majority of the seat around the frayed area so the only way the blemishes will get worse is by only applying weight or pressure the the center of the seat.

Otherwise, the chair is in excellent condition. Expect tiny nicks, light scratches, and spots of worn paint. The wooden frame is free of breaks, cracks, dents, gouges, rot, or warp. The chair is ready for another lifetime of service.


Seat: 17" x 15"

Arm to Arm: 22"H

(Floor to Seat) 17
(Floor to Armrest) 25 1/4"
(Floor to Top of backrest) 32
16 3/4"H


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