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Antique Vintage Old Victorian Carved SOLID Wood Wooden Bench Arm Chair Armchair Settee Floral Fabric Seat

Antique Vintage Old Victorian Carved SOLID Wood Wooden Bench Arm Chair Armchair Settee Floral Fabric Seat

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Beautiful, vintage chair salvaged from Northeastern Pennsylvania. It's made of solid wood and is stained (not painted). The majority of the chair is made of a wood that I can't identify (definitely not pine, oak, walnut, cherry, ash, chestnut, or birch), but the front of the backrest is definitely mahogany veneer. The seat is upholstered with a floral fabric--not the original fabric.

I really like how the manufacturer dual-matched the veneer on the backrest so that the mahogany grain forms a "V" pattern. Right down the middle of the "V" is a vertical band/strip of tiny pieces of different-colored veneer arranged in a geometric pattern. There are leaf-like motifs carved into the front of the armrests, and the 4 vertical stretchers in the front of the chair have carved grooves which run up and down the legs and supports.

Three of the small, round plugs which cover the holes that screws were inserted to secure the arms and backrest are missing (see photos). These plugs are common and easy to find online and even at hardware stores. You may even find some that have a similar stain and finish.

Our carpenter inspected the piece thoroughly and found no repairs to make nor anything to reinforce. He pointed out a split in one of the front legs (see the leg in the upper right corner in the last photo). He said that he can't glue it shut, because it's only a partial split, and it doesn't go through the leg. It's more of a blemish than a structural threat.

Otherwise, there are no breaks, cracks, rot, warp, or any other serious flaws.  Expect the typical nicks and light scratches on the wood. The fabric is in great condition, free of rips, tears, stains, or odors.


Seat: 22"W (front) & 19" (back) x 14 1/2"D

Arm to Arm: 24 3/4"

(Floor to Seat) 1
8 3/4"
(Floor to Arms) 25"
(Floor to Top of backrest) 32
(Backrest only) 14


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