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10 available CLEANED Antique Vintage Old Salvaged Reclaimed Art Nouveau "Sargent" Steel Door Set Knob Brass Plate Lock Lockset

10 available CLEANED Antique Vintage Old Salvaged Reclaimed Art Nouveau "Sargent" Steel Door Set Knob Brass Plate Lock Lockset

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* There are 10 sets available but the list price is for 1 complete set. The photos show 1 of the sets available. The remaining sets have the same design but the degree of brass or copper plating varies from part to part.

* Locks come without keys, but we could make some! See description below for more info.

Beautiful, antique, interior door locksets made by, "Sargent & Co." of New Haven, CT circa 1900. Each set is complete and includes all parts you'll need to install: 2 steel knobs, 2 stamped steel escutcheons, 1 steel mortise lock, 1 steel strike plate for the door jamb, 1 steel spindle with 2 setscrews to connect the knobs, and 12 installation screws to connect the lock and plates to the door.

Each lock is reversible and could accommodate the swing of any door.

The knobs and plates feature Sargent's Art Nouveau style, "Alby" pattern. The face of the knobs and the ends of the plates have lovely, whiplash-motifs. They remind me of ribbons blowing in the wind or like slithering snakes.

Sometimes, we salvage a bunch of doors from a home which all have the same, complete lockets and sometimes we get doors that have mismatched hardware. In the latter case, we take the hardware and put the knobs and plates with similar knobs and plates until we get enough to make complete sets. Recently, I put some knobs in the, "Alby," box and noticed we had lots and wondered why we hadn't done anything with them? We just picked out and cleaned 2 knobs and plates and made this set. Since 90% of the parts in the box are painted, it's tough to tell if they are brass plates or copper plated. We also didn't clean the rest of the parts; just the set in these photos. When you buy a quantity, we'll clean as many parts as we need to get you the number of sets you purchased, all with the same finish. FYI, most of the parts are brass plated.

We will clean the parts to the best of our ability, but expect some rust and some mild pitting (corrosion) like escutcheon (plate) shown on the right side in every photo.

All parts are in great condition with only the typical tiny nicks and light scratches that you would expect to find on 100-year old hardware. There are no breaks, cracks, chips, dents, or deep scratches, etc.

The locks were opened, inspected, and we sprayed grease on and around all parts to facilitate their movement. The insides of the locks are fairly clean considering their age (see close up photo). If you want a key to operate the lock, we could modify an old skeleton key to work with the lock for $15/key
--email us after the auction if you are interested.


Knobs: 2 1/4" diameter x 2 1/4"

Escutcheons: 2 3/8" x 7 3/8"

Strike Plate: 7/8" x 3 1/2"

Lock: (approx.)
(Plate) 7/8" W x 5
" H
(Body) 3
 1/8" W x 3 3/4" H  x 5/8"D
Backset (distance from faceplate to center of keyhole) 2 1/2"



· U.S.: FREE!

· Canada:
   - $29.99 for 1 set
   - $39.99 for 2 - 5 sets
   - $49.99 for 6 - 10 sets

· Asia, Australia, & Europe:
   - $39.99 for 1 set
   - $49.99 for 2 sets
   - $59.99 for 3 - 5 sets
   - $69.99 for 6 - 10 sets
Other international buyers please email us for a quote.

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