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Antique Vintage Old Salvaged Reclaimed Yale Knights of Pythias Exterior Entry Door Set SOLID Bronze Brass Knob Plate Lock Lockset Key Neo Classical

Antique Vintage Old Salvaged Reclaimed Yale Knights of Pythias Exterior Entry Door Set SOLID Bronze Brass Knob Plate Lock Lockset Key Neo Classical

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Wow, what a rare find! This gorgeous, antique lockset was made by, "Yale & Towne," of Stamford, CT. It includes all parts necessary to install and use: 2 bronze knobs, 2 bronze escutcheons, 1 steel mortise lock with bronze faceplate, 1 bronze cylinder mortise w/antitheft collar and key, 1 brass strike plate for the door jamb, 1 square steel rod with setscrew and securing pin to connect the knobs, and 12 installation screws to fasten the lock and plates to the door. All bronze parts are solid, heavy, thick cast bronze, not flimsy stamped/pressed bronze or plated steel.

The knobs feature the Knights' logo and text which reads, "Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias * Indiana *" The escutcheons are beautifully embellished with Neo Classical details.

All of the raised details are enhanced by the patina (tarnish) in the recessed areas. If you prefer your hardware bright and shiny, all you need is some, "Brasso," and a pad of #0000 steel wool.

We got the set from a gentleman in Central Indiana who said he got it from the Knights' lodge in New Castle, IN. Since the Knights' only have one lodge in IN, it had to have come from that lodge. Unfortunately, we don't have any other information about the set's history.

You could tell that this set was well maintained over the years because it is in excellent condition. There are no breaks, cracks, chips, or gouges. There are 3 subtle dents on the exterior (larger) knob which are only noticeable if you look carefully. Otherwise, just expect nicks and scratches.

About the lock: The lock is reversible and could accommodate the swing of any door.

Since the lock has only one latch, it doubles as both passage latch and deadbolt. The 2 buttons under latch, determine the latch's function. When the top button is depressed, the exterior knob is disabled and won't turn. This prevents anyone outside of the home from entering. Once the latch is frozen, the door could only be opened by turning the knob on the interior side of the door, or by using the key on the exterior side of the door. This is a very convenient feature for the person inside of the room. No more locking and unlocking to let someone in. Simply turn the knob, open the door, let someone in, close the door and it's already locked. To disable the auto-lock feature, simply push the bottom button.

We opened, inspected, and applied grease on and around all internal parts of the mortise lock to facilitate their movement. It operates very well.


(interior) 2 1/4" diameter x 2 1/4"
(exterior) 2
1/2" diameter x 2 1/4"

(interior) 2
1/4" x 10"
(exterior) 2
1/2" x 11"

Strike Plate
: 1 1/4" & 2 1/4"

(Plate) 1
1/8" W x 7 1/4" H
(Body) 3
1/2" W x 5" H x 3/4"D
(Backset-distance from faceplate to center of keyhole) 2


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