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Antique Vintage Old Salvaged Reclaimed Victorian Bronze Brass Exterior Entry Door Lockset Knob Plate Lock Set Key

Antique Vintage Old Salvaged Reclaimed Victorian Bronze Brass Exterior Entry Door Lockset Knob Plate Lock Set Key

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Beautiful, antique, entry door lockset salvaged from Northeastern PA. The set includes 2 bronze knobs, 1 bronze escutcheon, 1 bronze rosette, 1 bronze keyhole cover, 1 bronze thumbturn, 1 iron mortise lock with bronze faceplate and 1 working key, 1 brass strike plate, a spindle with 2 set screws, and 13 screws to fasten the lock and plates to the door. All bronze parts are made of solid bronze, not plated steel.

Judging by the design of the lockset and the door it was removed from, the set is 100 - 120 years old.

We found the set unpainted and with a nice patina. If you prefer a bright, shiny finish, this could be achieved with some, "Brasso," and #0000 grade steel wool.

Expect nicks, tiny dents, and scratches, which are normal for 100+ year old hardware. However, there are no breaks, cracks, chips, gouges, or any serious flaws.

About the lock: The lock is reversible and could accommodate the swing of any door.

The switch above the 2 latches on the lock faceplate controls a function, which disables/enables the exterior knob from turning. Once the switch is pushed down, the exterior knob will not turn, and the upper latch will remain extended, in the locked position. In essence, the upper latch acts as a secondary deadbolt and provides an extra level of security from anyone on the outside of the door. Once the exterior knob is frozen, and the door is shut, the only way to retract the upper latch is by using a key for the top keyhole (we could make one for $20), or by turning the turn/latch on the inside of the door. This is a convenient feature for the person inside of the house/room. No more locking and unlocking to let someone in. Simply turn the knob, open the door, let someone in, close the door and it's already locked. To disable the auto-lock feature, simply lift the switch up.

The lock was opened, inspected, and we sprayed grease on and around all parts to facilitate their movement. We made a key for the lower keyhole, to control the deadbolt latch. We could make more for a charge of $15/key--message us if you are interested.

We didn't make a key for the top keyhole to keep the cost down. Since the feature isn't essential and most people don't like to carry more than 1 key per door, we didn't make one. However, we could make one for an additional $20.


Knobs: 2 1/4" diameter x 2 1/4"

Escutcheon: 1
3/4" x 7"

Rosette: 2" diameter

Keyhole Cover: 7/8" x 1 3/4"

Strike Plate: 1" x 6 3/4"

(Plate) 1
" x 6 7/8"
(Body) 3
5/8" W x 4 3/4" H x 5/8" thick
(Backset - lateral distance from the front of the lock plate to the center of the keyhole): 2


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