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Lot 7 (55ft) Antique Vintage Old Salvaged Reclaimed Steel Wrought Iron Metal Handrail Porch Balcony Interior Exterior Garden Railing

Lot 7 (55ft) Antique Vintage Old Salvaged Reclaimed Steel Wrought Iron Metal Handrail Porch Balcony Interior Exterior Garden Railing

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* Although we are selling the 7 handrails as a lot of approximately 55 linear feet of handrail; we are willing to sell the handrails individually. Please read the description and measurements below then message us to let us know which one(s) you're interested in.

* We have photos of the front and back of each handrail indoors under fluorescent lighting and outside on a clear day around sunset. We also have more photos of when they were installed. Sine eBay limits us to 12 photos, we were only able to include the indoor photos and a couple of the home they came from.

* We were not able to salvage the front, sloped handrails that went down the front steps.

Sturdy, vintage handrails salvaged from recently demolished, 1889 Victorian home in Scranton, PA (see last photos). The rails are made of steel and are painted brown. Although the home that they came from was 130+ years old, these were most likely added during the middle of the previous century.

Each has a thicker, square, end post and thinner straight and twisted spindles. There is a lovely, heart-shaped design in the middle consisting of several, thin, curved or curled pieces of wrought steel which help to add some style to each handrail. 

The porch that the handrails were removed from wrapped halfway around the house. There are only 2 in the lot that have one curled end on their rails. Those were the 2 that returned towards the house, and the 2 curled ends were the ones touching the home (see last photos).

Unlike modern, hollow handrails, you could feel the strength and weight of these pieces as soon as you grab them. If you're going to lean or put your weight on a handrail, you not only want it to have the capacity to do so, but you also want it to give you a sense that you could trust it. These handrails are definitely the type to give you that peace of mind.

The handrails are completely, straight, intact, and in excellent condition with no breaks, cracks, dents, gouges, or rot. There is some rust along the bottom rails but it's minor and could be sanded off prior to repainting. All handrails are strong, sturdy, and ready for another lifetime of service.

  • Height of handrails: 31"
  • End posts are 1"x1" thick and the thinner, straight & twisted spindles are 1/2"x1/2"
  • There is a 5" space between the spindles
  • Handrail is 1 3/4" wide and bottom rail is 1" wide
  • Below are widths and prices for individual sale:
    • Handrail#1: 72 1/2" (end post to end spindle: 66") $450
    • Handrail#2: 60" (end post to end spindle: 54") $400
    • Handrail#3: 76 3/4" (end post to end spindle: 67 1/4") $500
    • Handrail#4: 101" (end post to end spindle: 91 1/2") $750
    • Handrail#5: 109 3/4" (end post to end spindle: 100 1/2") $800
    • Handrail#6: 119 1/4" (end post to end spindle: 110 1/4") $800
    • Handrail#7: 120 1/4" (end post to end spindle: 110") $800


Northeastern  VA, MD, DC, DE, PA, NJ, NY, & New England: We deliver to these states every 2 - 3 weeks . Home  delivery would be $125 - $500 depending on how many handrails you order and your location. Email  us with the shipping zip code for an exact price.

If you need the item sooner or are located  outside of our delivery range, we could crate and ship with  a commercial freighter--email us for a quote.

Pick up in  Scranton, PA is also welcome. No "pick up" charges applied

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