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Pair 6"x6" Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged "Stanley" Bronze Steel Exterior Entry Door Hinges

Pair 6"x6" Antique Vintage Old Reclaimed Salvaged "Stanley" Bronze Steel Exterior Entry Door Hinges

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Wow, what a rare find! Ultra heavy-duty, antique door hinges salvaged from an old home in Northwestern Maryland. They were made by "Stanley Works" of New Britain, CT sometime during the first quarter of the previous century.

Each hinge is made of solid, heavy, thick forged steel and plated with a thick layer of bronze. They have 2 halves, 5 knuckles, and ball-shaped finials on both ends. Each leaf or half is 3/16" thick and combined, both hinges weigh over 4 lbs!

The hinges also come with 20, thick, flathead screws.

At the point of salvage, we found the hinges unpainted and with a nice, warm patina. If you prefer your hardware bright and shiny, we could clean and polish them prior to shipping for an additional $25--message us after checkout if you'd like us to do it.

One ball finial broke off and was welded/soldered back on. Although the scar from the weld is visible, it's super-strong and will keep the finial on no matter how much abuse the hinges will go through. The scar also enhances their cool distressed look.

Considering that the hinges are at least 100 years old, they are in great condition. They have nicks and scratches--what you would expect to find on old hardware. However, there are no breaks, gouges, or chips. The hinges are perfectly straight, and open and close with effortlessly.

Unlike the hinges made today, which you could buy at your local hardware store; these hinges are thicker, heavier, and stronger. They are made of pure, solid, forged steel, not a cheap composite or alloy, and were built to last a lifetime. If you are planning on using these hinges to hang a new door, it's a very good chance that you'll end up replacing the door before the hinges!


6" W x 6" H
(measurement of both halves of hinges when open, and not including the finials. With finials the hinges are 7.5"H)


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